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Raydell Swiech-Rogers


Raydell is NCCP Certified in Coaching Athletes with a Disability. He is a huge asset to our Fierce N Fit Boxing team! He has created and designed our FNF logo, using a rainbow handprint symbolizing that we are all unique, and there is a place for all. Raydell has used his technology skills to help create and produce our annual report, keeping the community updated on our programs and services achieved throughout the year.


I'm Raydell 'Dell' Swiech-Rogers, from Kitchener, Ontario. Graphic design and videography is my hobby, and you might recognize my work, like the FNF logo I created. However, the true passion lies in screenwriting and song writing. I love breathing life into stories and connecting with people through heartfelt lyrics. If you have any inquiries about creating flyers, posters or more, email me at

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