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  • In-person Non-Contact Boxing - Wednesdays

  • Online Boxing - Thursdays

  • Monthly Social Events

Special Needs Boxing

Our boxing sessions focus on the importance of staying active and staying connected. We cater to all abilities and fitness levels. Our training programs are non-contact and developed to meet a variety of physical and cognitive needs. Each workout is led by a group of experienced and trained coaches. Athletes will participate in group activities and will also receive individualized focused attention throughout each class.

Our special-needs boxing program encourages a team-based approach to achieving fitness goals for our clients. The athletes encourage each other to progress at their own pace in a non-threatening and encouraging environment. Our athletes never feel judged or discouraged.  Our coaching philosophy and caring approach help our team members reach their full potential.


Every team member is appreciated and is an integral part of the team.

Group Training is great for those looking to have a regular exercise routine and at the same time provides an opportunity to interact with friends and peers who have similar goals and interests. This boxing program is non-contact and will help develop strength, coordination and balance which will ultimately help enhance ones’ confidence and self-esteem.


We also organize themed Thursdays and other social events to encourage interaction and communication among the athletes.

Social Activities

At our Inclusive and Welcoming Community, all our Social Activities are provided at No Cost to our members to promote inclusivity and allow everyone the equal opportunity to participate. We take pride in offering a wide range of events and a diverse set of activities to foster a sense of togetherness and engagement, creating a truly accessible community for all.


Our lineup of Events Include, but is not limited to: Movie Days, Kahoot, Zoo Trips, Butterfly Conservatory, Holiday Gatherings, Dance Parties, Karaoke Nights, Zoom Movie Nights, Craft Days, and so much more!

Themed Thursdays

Virtual Online Boxing Training

  • January 18 - Tropical Day

  • January 25 - Neon Day

  • February 1 - Flannel Day

  • February 8 - Favourite Blanket

  • February 15 - Red, White or Pink Day

  • February 22 - Winter Sports Day

  • February 29 - Comfy Day


  • March 7 - Saint Patrick’s Day

March 13 & 14, NO BOXING - Closed for March Break

  • March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day Rock Your Socks

  • March 28 - Rockstar Day


  • April 4 - Superhero Day

  • April 11 - Pet Day

  • April 18 - Mix Match Day

  • April 25 - Sock Puppet Day

Boxing Apparel

Boxing T-shirt

“I don’t have a dis-ability, I have a different-ability.” Robert M. Hensel

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